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Core Business Services Made Easy

So you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

We hand pick the best business service providers in your area to help your company with all aspects of your running your business.

Packaging your services together into one plan can cut costs up to 20%.

Hassle free services let you spend more time growing your business.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Running a business is simple when you have integrated business services.

All plans come with a local account manager to be your direct liaison for all business services.

You can elect to work with all of our affiliates or choose a la carte.

Each service and program will be custom tailored to fit your specific business.

Tech is the Future

Dynamic solutions to increase your productivity.

Our technology package lets you manage your employees and their benefits right from your tablet or computer.

Don’t have time to onboard new employees?  Our online platform allows our account managers access so you don’t have to.

We’re constantly developing new features to make your business operate even smoother.

Your own personal Board of Directors

Our board personally selects the most efficient solutions for your business

We have decades of combined experience within the business solution space.

Our board will collaborate routinely on your specific business.

We will create efficient solutions as if we were invested in your company.

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Cover your business and your employees

Affordable Care Act Consultation and Review for all Employer Zen Members

Workers Compensation and X-mod Review

Cover your business in all lines of insurance

Why Business Insurance?

Workers’ compensation is mandatory for the vast majority of companies. So why not make sure you are getting the best coverage for your dollar? Other insurance programs are optional but are a staple for any smart businessperson to protect their business for a large array of risks.

Our insurance partner offers a risk assessment for all EZ members to make sure you are covered where you need to be.

Why Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits, such as health insurance and wellness programs not only retain your current employees, but they also attract top level employees to your business. Benefits can also be set up to result in significant tax savings for employers and employees.


Outsource your payroll to the experts

Online payroll integration

All taxes and fees automatically paid

Simple Federal and State filings

Employee logins

Payroll compliance

Employment verification

Record maintenance and management

We Payroll

We offer state of the art payroll systems and processing while having staff on hand to handle any questions you have.

Our system automatically pays your employees and pays your payroll taxes, so your employees are happy and you’re happy.


Our payroll system fully integrates with Employer Zen online employee benefits enrollment and human resources information system.


Account for your financials

Set up a retirement strategy for you and your company

Partnership buy-sell agreements

Business strategies for high tax deductions

Superannuation and 401k planning for employees

Keep your company financially strong

Using top of the line accounting software and industry experts, we audit your financials and create the safest and most efficient solutions for your business.  We also manage your employee wages, projected earnings and help create financial safeguards to ensure the best chance of sustainability.

Have questions? You can contact your personal accountant anytime.

Our CFOs

Our CFOs will set up a plan to save your company on expenses without reducing your company’s efficiency or the quality of your products and services.  They will also go through your previous annual books to get you refunds for any overspending.

Human Resources

Take care of your employees

Labor law complete employment compliance

State of the art HR and employee tracking software

Personalized employee handbooks

Training and other HR/employee docs/coaching/development

Comprehensive benefits

Personal HR


Human Resources Informational Systems (HRIS) are essential for growing companies that want to manage and track all of their employees.

In our easy to use system, we can onboard employees, track hours, vacation, pay, generate and distribute federal and state employee documents and offboard employees.

HR Administration

We offer all the necessary items to build a complete HR department while providing you with hands on training to maintain it. Work one on one with an HR consult to assess what you need to support your company, and the whole process will be customized specifically to your company and its needs.

Tech Solutions

From app building to network consultation

Use the most modern solutions to improve your operations

Custom CRM creation, Salesforce integration

IT consulting to determine best options for your business

Humanized data can be used to create more accurate projections



Technology has tangible and intangible benefits

Having a solid technological foundation will directly affect your consumers, your employees, and your business relationships.  Nearly one third of all small businesses run without IT support, and roughly half of all businesses even have a website.  Using the data that a solid technological footprint creates will allow for real-time snapshot of your company, often times right from a smartphone or mobile device.



From acquisition to advancement, capture your customers

Obtain curated and verified customer lists and implement proven marketing funnel strategies

Strategically implement SEO, SEM and social media marketing

Execute impactful direct-to-consumer campaigns

Get the word out

We make it easier for you to make money. Our team is highly proficient and competitive within many aspects of a modern marketing campaign.  Our experts will spend time capturing customer attention, creating and initiating high-touch campaigns, qualifying leads and even alerting you when a prospect is likely to buy.

Whether you want to increase brand presence or engage in direct-to-consumer marketing, we can get you more customers than your company has ever seen. Better yet, we’ll work side-by-side with your staff to create a custom solution that fits your needs, audience and budget. Marketing and advertising are the cornerstones for growth in any business, and we know how to create an audience.


Acquire Top Talent

Executive recruiters working on your behalf

Personal service to ensure timely and cost effective results

Industry specialists with extensive networks

Access to local talent makes hiring fast and easy

Our Recruiters

Our staff, composed of a strong blend of niche recruiters and experienced human resources professionals, locate talent who may not be reachable through media or who are not actively seeking employment. They conduct interviews, screen and select only a few qualified candidates to present to the employer. Each placement comes with a written guarantee and follow-up service to ensure success.


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