Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employer Zen?

Employer Zen is a group of established, local businesses that specialize in providing business services. This group covers all the services that are necessary to keep businesses of all sizes functioning efficiently. The businesses have partnered to work cohesively to serve your company.

How does Employer Zen choose its partners?

Employer Zen partners were chosen based on 3 factors. We choose (1) local companies with a (2) history of strong client satisfaction. Our partners are all (3) experts in their own field of service.

There are 3 different packages, what benefits are included with each package?

Basic –

  • EZ Liaison
  • Access to pre-vetted EZ industry experts
  • EZ Partner discounts
  • HR Solutions Database
  • Human Resources / Employee Tracking software

Premier –

  • All Basic benefits
  • HR On Demand
  • Discounted or free payroll
  • Full EZ software support

Enterprise –

  • Premier
  • Work comp review
  • ACA Compliance
  • Personal Board of Directors

Is the basic package always free or is that only for a trial period?

The Basic package, is and will continue to remain free for all of our clients. We are so confident that you will love our Basic package and hope you will explore the additional benefits of our Premier and Enterprise packages.

How does Employer Zen determine the rates for the Premier and Enterprise packages?

The rates are based on a variety of factors. The major factor being the selection of the premier or Enterprise package. Rates are also based on the number of employees at the enrolling company because larger companies demand a larger portion of resources to manage.

How can I become an Employer Zen partner?

If you would like to join our team of business service providers, please contact us at with your business name, contact information, website, and a description of your services and expertise.


Have additional questions? Feel free to email us at